Muses, a high-capacity urban vehicle

Muses is the only commercialized light truck designed around "In Wheel Motor" technology for higher load volume on a more compact wheelbase, making it the ultimate vehicle for the last mile delivery.


Its compact wheelbase provides outstanding agility and facilitates navigation in busy city centers.

The “In Wheel Motors” and the Muses innovative design improves its power efficiency, increasing the range while reducing the quantity and cost of battery.

Muses central driving position with left-right driver access provides 240° view, favors the speed of delivery and enhances the safety of the driver.

Special offer for partner customers

Muses is a versatile vehicle that adapts better to your needs than the competition would.

Our aim is to stay ahead of our customers' expectations. To reach this goal, we are looking for 550 partner customers who would help us improve our range of offers and adapt complementary services tailored to each business need.

As a compensation for their participation, partner customers would be provided with updates and additional services throughout the life of the vehicle. For example, these could be financial services, sharing services (e.g., car sharing, delivery sharing, co-branding...), fitting of new types of accessories, upgrade of connected services, access to inter-operability and adjacent business. Moreover, we will soon launch a battery swap experimentation program with Speedy and we are actively looking for partner customers to join us.