About Us

Our vision

We aim to combine general automotive culture, technical expertise and an agnostic approach with a vision of developing a vehicle platform designed to reduce needs for battery.

We applied our vision to the design of Muses. The product of our efforts is a high-capacity urban vehicle 100% designed in France and one of the few where more than 50% of the added value is French.

Muses is the only industrialized light truck designed around "In Wheel Motor" technology for higher load volume on a more compact wheelbase, making it the ultimate vehicle for the last mile delivery. Its compact wheelbase provides outstanding agility and facilitates navigation in busy city centers. The “In Wheel Motors” and the innovative platform design improves its power efficiency, increasing the range while reducing the quantity and cost of battery.

Our modular platform logic allows co-development and/or industrialization of scalable solutions with all types of partners worldwide.

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In-wheel motor 100% Made in France



Compatible with large range of wheelbases (supports wide variety of size, weight and bodies)

Compatible with 4-wheel drive


Minimal downtime with quick IWM replacement

Easier maintenance (low voltage)


Higher regenerative brake efficiency

Extreme compacity for maximum loading length and width

High efficiency in-house torque vectoring

Proven robustness after 5 years real life use


Connected services


Based on geolocation and vehicle monitoring, we offer standard GDPR compliant fleet management optimization services (real-time and retrospective analysis) to optimize travel and deliveries and thus significantly reduce fleet operating costs. In addition, we can further expand both the characteristics of the vehicle and of the monitoring system to better adapt to the various trades.


Current features:

Real time geolocation

Route & driver tracking

Maintenance alerts

Real time information on battery level& remaining range

Driving behavior analysis

Statistics on the whole fleet

Temperature monitoring

Sleep alerts


We are constantly working on improving our platform and developing advanced features so keep an eye on our progress. 

Energy system


Our innovative design approach results in a lighter and therefore less expensive battery. Because of its low voltage, this battery is also safer to handle.


Lower capacity

Lower weight

Lower cost

Lower voltage for safer handling