Grants for electric vehicles


All Muses are classified as zero-emission and may be eligible for financial aid promoting clean energy in France. New electric vehicles benefit from the Bonus Ecologique that can be added to the Prime de Conversion, which can reach a cumulative total of €12,000. Many local authorities also subsidize the purchase of an electric car. Most of these subsidies can be combined with the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus.

As Muses do not emit any CO2, they are not subject to the Malus Ecologique. Our vehicles are also exempt from regional registration tax and from the special tax on insurance premiums.

Since January 1st 2021, electric vehicles are exempt from the special tax on insurance conventions, thus reducing the cost of insurance of the vehicle.

Companies benefit from significant additional advantages when they choose electric vehicles (no registration tax, exemption from the special tax on insurance contracts, total exemption from TVTS (Taxe sur les véhicules de tourisme et de société).