Ellectramobilys is partnering with the Yulon Group (in Taiwan) to industrialize Muses. Yulon is Taiwan’s largest automobile conglomerate, with over sixty years of expertise and a comprehensive value chain system ranging from auto making, parts supply and marketing, to auto-related services. Yulon encompassed multiple public entities such as Yulon Motor, Yulon Financial, Yulon Rental, Carnival Industrial Corporation, and Yulon-Nissan Motor that builds Nissan models under license.


The Yulon Group has invested $11 million in the industrialization and production line for Muses in Taiwan.


The Yulon Motor/Ellectramobilys partnership (Yulon Tobe) is a major competitive advantage leveraging the industrial leadership of the Yulon conglomerate and enabling the transition from concept to full production.


Together Ellectramobilys and Yulon form the best combination of expertise and experience between engineering company, innovative company and automotive industry. A successful collaboration led to the industrialization of Muses after 2 years.


Final assembly, quality approach and product validation are in line with the Yulon Group's operations and common to those of the Nissan vehicles assembled at the same site. Ultimately partnering with Yulon ensures high volumes of production, maximum quality (Nissan process validation), and the guarantee of low price (i.e., economy of scale).


Speedy is the French leader in diagnostics and complete car maintenance with 43 years of experience and nearly 500 centers throughout France. Echoing values that are dear to it such as friendliness, proximity and quality of welcome, Speedy was elected Best Customer Service in 2021 for the seventh consecutive year (automotive repair category). Since 2016, the brand has been part of the BRIDGESTONE group, a major player in the tire industry.


Ellectramobilys has entrusted Speedy, within the framework of an exclusive partnership contract, with the complete maintenance and after-sales service of Muses vehicles. The company has thus become the 2nd partner of Ellectramobilys in addition to the Yulon group.


The Ellectramobilys/Speedy partnership relies on the exceptional density of the Speedy network, with 1 center per 1,000 km2 that will enable a rapid and inexpensive maintenance deployment. This partnership is the first step in an ambitious program born of the respective strengths of the two companies.

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The Emirate of Sharjah, the third largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates has chosen Ellectramobilys as an electric mobility partner.


A research and development partnership agreement was signed with Sharjah Asset Management Holding (SAMH), the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, within the Sharjah Finance Department. SAMH’s mission is to lead the path for sustainable economic diversification in the Emirate of Sharjah through first class investments in technology and innovation.


As part of the agreement, Ellectramobilys will build and validate a prototype vehicle based on the current Muses platform and that will be compatible with the climate of the gulf region.


This partnership is the springboard for an ambitious industrial program that will make the Emirate of Sharjah a pioneer of electric mobility in the Middle East and will launch Ellectramobilys' presence in this part of the world.